Amidu’s Bombshell Part 2


-Reveals Akufo Addo Hid GHC 34 Million Stolen By PPA Boss

-Presidency Doctored ‘PPA Boss’ Investigative’ Report.

Resigned Special Prosecutor (SP) Martin Amidu has revealed that he “felt scandalised” when he sent an interim report to President Akufo Addo showing that the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) boss Adjenim Boateng Adjei had stolen over GHC 42 million in two years, the Presidency erased GHC 34 million of the stolen funds from the report.

Eventually, the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and the Jubilee House agreed to tell the Ghanaian public that A.B Adjei had only stolen GHC 7.7 million in two years, instead of the true figure of GHC 42 million.

“…the only problem with the CHRAJ report is that for some reason it understates the amounts disclosed by the bank statements from the three banks accounts of Mr. Adjei exhaustively reviewed by the Auditor General for this Office”, Martin Amidu stated in a release dated November 13, 2020, and made public on the day he unceremoniously resigned his position due to what he described as President Akufo Addo’s attempt to cover up damning corruption investigations on his appointees.

Concerning the GHC 42 million theft of A.B Adjei through his illegal activities at the PPA, Martin Amidu in the November 13 statement said his office and the Auditor-General’s office had tracked all the fraudulent financial transactions that went through A.B Adjei’s bank account between March 2017 and August 2019 and had tabulated it into an Interim report which was submitted to President Akufo Addo, but much to his shock, when the draft report came back from the Presidency, the amount had miraculously shrunk to barely GHC 7 million.

The true amount, according to Amidu, summed up to approximately GHC 42 million including those found in the Cedi, Dollar and Euro accounts of the disgraced PPA boss.

“The resolution of the Adjenim Boateng Adjei case was taking too long to investigate because my seconded staff investigators appeared compromised. I, therefore, asked for an interim report to be submitted to the President on the referral on the Adjenim Boateng Adjei case. When the first draft report was submitted to me, I felt scandalized. I called a management meeting on 10th August 2020 with investigators and pointed out how the incriminating evidence in their possession were inconsistent with their interim report,” Amidu revealed.

He also accused the Akufo Addo administration of compromising his investigators and causing “undue” delays in several high-profile investigations he was undertaking as the Special Prosecutor.

“Most on-going investigations were being unduly delayed for no apparent reasons in spite of constant reminders from the Special Prosecutor,” Amidu lamented.

On Monday, Martin Amidu November 16, 2020, Martin Amidu dropped the bombshell of his resignation after he apparently had his fill of stomaching the pretense of the Akufo Addo administration in fighting corruption.

A couple of weeks ago, CHRAJ dropped the report on massive procurement theft done by A.B Adjei. The amount stated by CHRAJ in its report which was fine-tuned at the Jubilee House was damning enough, showing that the PPA boss had amassed over GHC 7.7 million in two years at post from illegal procurement deals.

However, that amount was the politically correct figure the Akufo Addo administration wanted to feed the Ghanaian public, as the true magnitude of the theft in excess of GHC 42 million would have created uncontrollable public outrage at the wantonness of the theft that appeared to have been known all along by the Akufo Addo administration.

Indeed, the government’s lawyers in the person of the Deputy Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame is on the PPA board and had been a witness to the blatant rape of state resources unpunished for over two years, until undercover investigations by Joy FM’s Manasseh Awuni Azure exposed the rot. 

CHRAJ broke down A.B Adjei’s stolen funds as follows: US dollar Account – $516,225.00; his Cedi Account -¢3.83 million; his Euro Account – EU54.500 and another Dollar Account at United Merchant Bank at $110,000.

Converting the above amounts to the local currency at the prevailing rates puts the amount presented by CHRAJ in collaboration with Martin Amidu at approximately GHC 7.7 million

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However, documents intercepted by investigative journalists Kevin Taylor and made available to Whatsup News before the November 13, 2020 statement by Martin Amidu alleging cover-up, showed that both CHRAJ lied about the true magnitude of the stolen money. 

Martin Amidu has confirmed now, that the true calculations made by investigators from the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the Office of the Auditor-General and CHRAJ were conclusive that the itemised deposits made into A.B Adjei’s bank accounts were in excess of GHC 42 million.

One of the documents revealed that in September 2019, Daniel Yao Domelevo, the Auditor-General who was hounded out of office by President Akufo Addo had audited and confirmed the amount totalling GHC 42 million to be the true quantum of money stolen by the PPA boss.

The Auditor-General’s letter addressed to Martin Amidu confirming the value in the accounts is Referenced AG/01/19/119, and it reads: “We have reviewed the Bank Statements forwarded to us and attached herewith our initial findings for your necessary action.” 

From the breakdown, even his cedi account alone was twice higher than the entire amount CHRAJ and the Jubilee House claimed AB Adjei stole.

On October 25, 2019, Yaw Domelevo issued his report to Martin Amidu and CHRAJ, showing that AB Adjei operated three main accounts: A cedi account, a dollar account and a Euro account.

From March 2017 when he was appointed to the PPA position to August 2019 when he was kicked out, AB Adjei’s Cedi account showed that he had siphoned GHC 15.7 million into his personal account, but CHRAJ reported only GHC 3.83 million was stated as being in the account.

For his Dollar Account, AB Adjei had stolen up to US$ 4.5 million in two years, yet, CHRAJ listed only US$626,225 after the report had been doctored at the Jubilee House. 

The only account whose true content was stated by CHRAJ was the Euro Account, which contained a paltry €54,500 in the two-year kleptomaniac spree at the PPA. 

The entire paper trail shows clearly that AB Adjei was involved in the theft because before he was appointed as the PPA boss by President Akufo Addo, he was a regular man who earns modestly from his work or his businesses. He barely had up to GHC 120,000 to his name as at March 2017.

He managed to balloon that modest wealth to a staggering GHC 45 million in barely two years in office. 

In the October 25, 2019 review of his account done by the Auditor-General, it states: “Our review of the 2015 and 2016 aspects of the Bank Statements from Stanbic Bank submitted showed that monthly deposits/receipts into MR. A.B Adjei’s Accounts within 2015 and 2016 range from GHC 9,000.00 to GHC 118,000.00 and $200 to $1000.00…”

AB Adjei’s fraudulent exploits at the PPA broke on Wednesday, 21st August 2019, when Joy TV News aired a documentary produced by Manasseh titled “Contracts for Sale”.

In the documentary, AB Adjei was caught ambushing public procurement contracts and channelling them through his private company TDL. Most of the contracts never went through the required procurement process and were sole-sourced to his company.

After much public outcry, President Akufo Addo was forced to suspend AB Adjei from the PPA and the matter was subsequently referred to CHRAJ and the Office of the Special Prosecutor for investigation and appropriate action.


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