NDC Ready to Give Name of Supreme Court Judge Caught in Latest Bribery Scandal


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it is ready to shoulder the burden of proof in regards to its allegation that a high-up judge at the Supreme Court offered to bribe an NDC MP to vote for the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s nominee for Speaker.

The notice is coming from the man who leaked the scandal, Hon. Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak.

Responding to the question as to whether he will be able to provide proof of the allegation if he is put before court, the Asawase MP responded, “That will be right because that gives all of us the opportunity to put some of these things beyond just mentioning, but we will look forward to whatever they want to do.”

Now all eyes are on Chief Justice Kwesi Anin Yeboah to institute a probe.

During the vote for a Speaker for the 8th Parliament, a Supreme Court judge is said to have called a female MP of the NDC and asked her to vote for Prof. Mike Ocquaye in exchange for backhanders.

Among others, the MP was promised free fuel for four years and also free money to pay the school fees of her children. The MP however refused to be bribed, joining the NDC to elect the party’s Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin as Speaker.

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Hon. Muntaka Mubarak who was instrumental in the victory of the NDC in Parliament would later reveal the bribery attempt.

Further reinforcing the allegation was the MP for Bongo, Rashid Bawa, who revealed cryptically that the said partisan judge is, “at the very, very, very top,” of the Supreme Court.

Muntaka Mohammed had lamented the bribery attempt as a travesty, pointing out that the Judiciary should be the last institution with suchlike partisan characters posing as intermediaries of justice. 

“As an MP reaching out to the judicial arm, I find that in our democratic settings it is not proper. I can assure you that if it becomes necessary we will appear there with our evidence,” Hon. Mubarak told Joy FM.

He added that he might even ask for a committee to be formed in Parliament to probe the bribery.


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